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ISiS Korea, Inc. strives tirelessly to create the best value for our customers.

"We always put customers first."

ISiS Korea, Inc. was spun off as an independent business from IBM Korea in 1983. Since its formal inception in 1992, it has provided globalization services for Korean IT companies and offered localization services that have helped global IT companies succeed in the Korean market.

We have received particular recognition for our services through our close 20-year cooperation with world leading IT companies IBM and SAP.

ISiS Korea, Inc. is comprised of experts who possess both specialized konowlege and extensive industry experience. We guarantee the highest quality of specialist services for all our clients.


Tracing the footsteps of ISiS Korea in its pursuit of success


Over the past 20 years, ISiS Korea, Inc. has built an outstanding reputation thanks to its customer-oriented services and strict quality control. We are an industry leader and a trusted partner of a number of global companies.


SAP Certification

As an SAP-certified partner, ISiS Korea offers the best localization services in Korea.

Since October 2001, ISiS Korea has translated a variety of enterprise products, such as SAP ERP and CRM, into Korean. To this day we are cementing our leadership position in localizing SAP software and documentation in South Korea.

We also began the Business Objects project in April 2009, which has since been incorporated into the SAP Ecosystem. Based on a mutual trust established over many years, we became an SAP-certified partner thanks to our project and translation quality control capabilities. As a result, ISiS Korea is the first and only company to have been certified by SAP in South Korea.

As shown through our SAP project history, ISiS Korea continuously improves the quality of our translations through on-going translator training. We are actively testing various tools and process changes to meet the changing needs of our customers. We continuously engage in research to ensure that we grow with our customers.

2015 Supplier of the Year

ISiS Korea was the first test user for the new translation tool Passolo in the SuccessFactors project in 2015. The process of testing a brand-new tool and providing meaningful feedback to SAP was no simple task, but thanks to our efforts, SAP was able to fine-tune Passolo and launch the project on-time. We are very pleased to have contributed to the development of SAP translation processes. This is yet another good example of our strong partnership with the company.

2016 Supplier of the Year

Our SAP project manager, SoYoung Ku, was awarded Supplier of the Year in the 2016 SAP Language Forum. She is an amazing PM who knows what is needed and how to make things happen.

Many thanks, SoYoung. Keep up the good work!


ISiS Korea provides specialized translation services in English, Japanese and Chinese, and other languages around the world.

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